In early 2017 The Hive, Wirral Youth Zone will enable young people aged 8-19 and up to 25 with a disability in Wirral to access and enjoy a safe and affordable place in their leisure time, so it is really important you have your say.

The questionnaire should take no more than 5 minutes to complete and we will pick one completed survey to win a £30 Amazon voucher!

Wirral Youth Zone Travel and Outreach Survey

    1. Which of the following modes of transport have you used in the last 3 months? (Please tick all that you have used)

    BusTrainWalkCycleParents CarFriends CarOwn Car/BikeTaxiOther

    2. Would you travel to Birkenhead if there was something you wanted to do there?

    Definitely YesDefinitely NoProbably NoProbably Yes

    3. For how long are you prepared to travel by walking or cycling?

    Under 30m30 minutes to 1hr1 hour to 1hr 30mMore than 1hr 30m

    4. For how long are you prepared to travel on by public transport?

    Under 30 minutes30m to 1hr1 hour to 1hr 30mMore than 1hr 30m

    5. Where do you live?

    CH25CH26CH27CH28CH29CH30CH31CH32CH41CH42CH43CH44CH45CH46CH47CH48CH 49CH 60CH61CH62CH63Don’t know

    6. Take a look at the images above. Do you think young people will use The Hive?


    7. Would you travel to The Hive?


    8. How would you travel to the Hive? (Please tick all that apply)

    BusTrainWalkCycleParents carFriends CarOwn Car / BikeTaxiOther

    9. What is the best way to let young people know about The Hive? (Please tick all that apply)

    TwitterFacebookInstagramYoutubeSchoolWord of mouthRadioLocal newspaperFlyers

    10. What is your age?

    8 - 1011 - 1314 - 1617 - 1920 - 25

    11. What is your Gender?

    12. What is your ethnicity?

    WhiteAsian/Asian BritishBlack/African/Caribbean/Black BritishMixed / multiple ethnic groupsOther ethnic group

    13. Do you consider yourself to have a disability?


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