Bee Yourself

A key project that aims to work with our female members across the Youth Zone.

Through the project, participants will build skills, confidence and self-esteem through participating in sessions and activities delivered at The Hive.

The project will provide the opportunity for young people to develop:

  • Their cookery skills, providing them with an essential life skill which can have a huge impact on personal health and wellbeing
  • Their fitness and self-esteem, through using the fitness suite and sports facilities for female only sessions. These sessions will allow girls to train in a comfortable environment with their peers and give them the opportunity to develop their fitness at their own pace whilst gaining confidence in using the equipment, raising self-esteem and enabling girls to develop a positive body image for themselves
  • Social networks through our external links, private sector partners and internal opportunities to develop their interests further should they wish to do so. At The Hive, young people have the opportunity to create friendships among their peer group developing through the shared passions of the activities that interest them and working together to achieve shared goals.
  • Confidence through hair and make up sessions: Girls will be able to take part in sessions where they are able to learn and develop techniques to do hair and make up. During this session, a fully qualified youth worker will be present to teach young people but also to facilitate discussion of issues young people may be facing

During the sessions, all participants will have access to a qualified nurse where they can discuss personal health issues, gain support with medication or discuss any mental health problems.

A developmental, supportive approach will be taken to ensure that all participants are able to gain confidence, improve their wellbeing and develop friendships across the youth zone.

To get involved with the project please contact The Hive on 0151 705 8000 and speak to Gill Pleavin, Head of Youth Work.